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Business Plan And Executive Summary Guidelines

The Company

  • Define business purpose.
  • Provide summary of your company's history and current status, including whether the company is publicly or privately held.
  • State overall corporate strategy and objectives (i.e., to go public, to command a certain market share or reach a given level of sales in an established time frame, etc.).

The Products And Services

  • Describe important features and benefits - relate to market needs and to the competition.
  • Describe existing products and status of new projects (projected release dates, expected product life, and potential revenues, etc.).
  • Discuss pricing and margins for both your products and your competitor's products.
  • Explain proprietary position - trademarks, patents, trade secrets, special production skills, process, etc.
  • Articulate any relevant regulatory or environmental issues.

The Market & Marketing Strategy 

  • Market analysis - size, anticipated growth, key changes, trends, etc.
  • Market strategy - How are you going to reach the market? What are your channels and costs of distribution, promotion, pricing, etc.?
  • Product/service - What makes you different? What gives you a special advantage?
  • Evaluate competition - Who are they? How much of the market do they control? What are their advantages/disadvantages?
  • Discuss the issues or circumstances that drive or create the market-What compels people to buy?


  • Give brief backgrounds of key individuals-Specifically why they add value to the company, their past successes and achievements, etc.
  • History of working together as a team.
  • Identification of immediate and future personnel needs and initial organizational structure.

Financial Summary

  • Provide revenues, income and expenses projected over 3-5 year period. Justify your financial assumptions. Include any past financial history.
  • Define funding requirements-How much is needed at each stage of development within the next five years.
  • Describe the history of previous investments.
  • Indicate an exit strategy (i.e., mergers, acquisition, or initial public offerings). Compare with similar businesses and their results.


Entrepreneurs seeking funding may submit their business plan or executive summary to: or mail a copy to
7829 E. Rockhill Rd., Suite 307
Wichita, KS 67206

We typically request a copy of a business plan or executive summary before a meeting will be set.

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