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Wichita Technology Ventures provides capital and value added services to well-managed companies with superior growth potential. We strive to help talented entrepreneurs develop and realize their goals. By doing so, we hope to generate superior returns on our invested capital.

Investment Objective

Our objective is to create an environment and network that supports technology innovation so that entrepreneurs can build sustainable, world-class companies in Kansas. We focus on high growth sectors where innovation, strong management teams and sound financing strategies have an enormous impact on company growth. WTV seeks to develop a balanced and diversified portfolio of investments in well-managed companies whose primary constraint to growth is financial resources.

We believe that people, not capital, are the primary ingredient to any successful early-stage investment. Once we make an investment, we are truly partners with our portfolio companies and have a vested interest in their success.

Investment Criteria

When analyzing potential investments, WTV looks for six primary characteristics:

  • A highly qualified and entrepreneurial management team
  • A proprietary technology or uniqueness of product or concept
  • An ability to quickly achieve significant growth through market penetration or market expansion
  • An ability to produce an exceptional return on invested capital
  • Prospects for investment liquidity within a determinable period of time
  • Kansas Company fostering job and wealth creation within the state

Types Of Financing

Wichita Technology Ventures typical investment ranges from $25,000 to $200,000. Occasionally, larger investments are made. WTV can also serve as lead investor in significantly larger transactions, arranging financing in association with other investment groups. Our typical investment instruments are common and preferred equity securities, or debt that is either convertible or is issued with warrants.

Developing Investment Opportunities

Our investment opportunities originate from a myriad of sources including personal contacts from industry, venture capitalists, investment bankers, accountants, attorneys, consultants, economic development officials, intermediaries, limited partners, and others.

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