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Pixius Communications is an innovative, fast growing Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider that focuses on un-served and underserved areas. Pixius provides a wide range of data communications for businesses and consumers in both urban and rural markets as well as enjoying expertise in the communications tower industry. A leading broadband provider in several Kansas and Missouri markets since 2002, company headquarters are in Wichita, Kansas.


Valu-Net is a new Emporia, Kansas company that will offer telephone, video and broadband services using fiber to Emporia business and residential customers starting in 2012. Valu-Net was founded by the former owners of Valu-Line of Kansas which merged with Birch Telecom in 1998. Valu-Net is a Kansas LLC and has been certified by the Kansas Corporation Commission as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) in the State of Kansas.

Ulterius Technologies Introducing FDN640 Device
The gateway technology was also presented at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Farmobile Initiates Data Store in Minnesota
Farmobile is engaging farmers in Minnesota in order to help them get more value from their farming data.  Additional states are soon to follow.

1 Million Cups Receives 2016 Innovation Award
1MC has had a very positive impact on Wichita's entrepreneurial scene, and as a result, earned its Innovation Award through the Wichita Business Journal.   Events occur ea… read more

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