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Green Dot is a biotech social enterprise that makes - right here in the USA - the world's only plant-based elastomer that meets both U.S. and European standards for compostability. The company serves both the plastics industry and style-concious consumers who want to protect the Earth, not pollute it with enduring waste. Unlike conventional elastomers, Green Dot's products offer cradle-to-cradle environmental integrity that has never been available before with no compromise in quality. So everyone contributes to a sustainable world.

Nitride Solutions

Nitride Solutions has developed a proprietary method of producing large, high-quality Aluminum Nitride crystals. Current commercial processes are either self-limiting and will not allow crystal growth beyond a certain limited size resulting in inefficient production and high-costs, or use materials and processes that can produce larger crystals but of lower quality and purity that limit performance of the ultimate device. The Company believes that it has found a way to have both high quality and purity with low production costs.

Ulterius Technologies Introducing FDN640 Device
The gateway technology was also presented at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Farmobile Initiates Data Store in Minnesota
Farmobile is engaging farmers in Minnesota in order to help them get more value from their farming data.  Additional states are soon to follow.

1 Million Cups Receives 2016 Innovation Award
1MC has had a very positive impact on Wichita's entrepreneurial scene, and as a result, earned its Innovation Award through the Wichita Business Journal.   Events occur ea… read more

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