Advanced Materials


Green Dot is a biotech social enterprise that makes - right here in the USA - the world's only plant-based elastomer that meets both U.S. and European standards for compostability. The company serves both the plastics industry and style-concious consumers who want to protect the Earth, not pollute it with enduring waste. Unlike conventional elastomers, Green Dot's products offer cradle-to-cradle environmental integrity that has never been available before with no compromise in quality. So everyone contributes to a sustainable world.

Nitride Solutions

Nitride Solutions has developed a proprietary method of producing large, high-quality Aluminum Nitride crystals. Current commercial processes are either self-limiting and will not allow crystal growth beyond a certain limited size resulting in inefficient production and high-costs, or use materials and processes that can produce larger crystals but of lower quality and purity that limit performance of the ultimate device. The Company believes that it has found a way to have both high quality and purity with low production costs.

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